Coimbatore Idli Paati K Kamalathal Gets A House As A Gift After Going Viral On Internet


 K Kamalathal who is popular as the Idli Paati of Coimbatore got a house as a gift on mother’s day. 


 K Kamalathal who is popular as the Idli Paati of Coimbatore got a house as a gift on mother’s day. 

It was quite some time back that K Kamalathal got popular on the internet for serving idli for Rs 1 and having not increased the price of the staple food for nearly 15 years. Videos of her were taken by different people and uploaded on YouTube, it got more than lakh views. But Kamalathal was already popular as Idli Paati (Idli Grandmother) to her customers in Coimbatore.

Her popularity only rose with time and her hard work and bleeding heart became known to more people. As a reward for her relentless work, especially during the pandemic, billionaire Anand Mahindra contributed to building the eighty-year-old woman a house. The construction of which completed recently and it was handed over to her on Mother’s Day.

The house is at Vadivelampalayam, which is on the outskirts of the city. It was built with a budget of Rs 12 lakh. Along with the house, she has also been provided with a stove and grinder.

Mahindra shared a video of Kamalathal cutting the ribbon to her new house while smiling ear to ear. He wrote, “Immense gratitude to our team for completing the construction of the house in time to gift it to Idli Amma on @MothersDay. She’s the embodiment of Mother’s virtues: nurturing, caring and selfless. A privilege to be able to support her and her work. Happy Mother’s Day to you all!”

The house is 300 square feet big with a dining hall and a single bedroom, attached with a bathroom, and a living hall. The gift recognised her effort to provide cheap food to casual labourers and others in need. The announcement of the house by Mahindra and the company was done in April 2021. The land was registered in Kamalathal’s name and its construction of it began in February of this year. The building was completed last week.

Credits: SheThePeople

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