Crime Patrol Inspires Gruesome Matricide: Shocking Case in Lalbaug

Image Credit: The Free Press Journal

The recent news of a 24-year-old woman, Rimple Jain, allegedly chopping her mother’s body has shocked the nation. According to the police in the Lalbaug murder case, Rimple was inspired by the popular TV show ‘Crime Patrol’ to commit the heinous act.
The incident took place in Mumbai, where Rimple reportedly killed her mother, Manju Jain, with a
sharp weapon and then dismembered her body into pieces. She later disposed of the body parts in different locations across the city. It was only after the neighbors complained of a foul smell emanating from the house that the police discovered the gruesome crime.

The police investigation revealed that Rimple was a regular viewer of the show ‘Crime Patrol,’ which
is known for its dramatized portrayal of real-life crimes. In one particular episode, the show depicted
a murder in which the killer had dismembered the victim’s body. The police claim that this episode
had a profound impact on Rimple, who allegedly got inspired to carry out a similar act.

The incident has once again raised questions about the impact of TV shows on the impressionable
minds of young people. While TV shows like ‘Crime Patrol’ aim to create awareness about crime and
its consequences, they often end up glorifying violence and sensationalizing crimes. It is crucial to
understand the influence that such shows can have on young minds and take the necessary steps to
regulate them.

The case also highlights the need for better mental health support systems in our society. It is evident
that Rimple had some underlying psychological issues that went undetected, leading to such a horrific
act. It is essential to recognize and address mental health issues in young people before they escalate
to such extreme levels.

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