Daughter’s Allergies Inspire Mother to Make Natural Skincare Products, Earns 5 Lakhs Per Month


Aishwarya Ravi started making natural skincare products when her daughter developed allergies to over-the-counter products. She now receives over 500 orders per month.  

It was in 2015. Aishwarya Ravi’s newborn baby developed severe skin rashes. She rushed her to a hospital and the doctor advised her to not use any branded soap or skin care product on the baby. According to the doctor, the baby was having an allergic reaction to some chemicals in the soaps and other baby care products, even though those products are supposed to be baby-friendly. He advised Aishwarya to only give towel baths to her baby.

Aishwarya knew that she cannot go on like that for more than a few days. So, she resorted to the age-old practices of skincare that was in her family for generations. “With guidance from my mother and grandmother, I started making various powders in my kitchen using organic raw materials like cold-pressed oils, besan flour (chickpea flour), egg whites and more. I tried the resultant soaps on my skin to see their effects. To my surprise, the oils provided a mild soapy effect and made my skin very soft. So, after a few days, I tried it on my baby and saw that it did not have any side effects for her,” says Aishwarya in an interview with The Better India.

After a few months, Aishwarya also wanted to try making hair care products such as shampoos and conditioners for adults. She had to study and do research on the making of these products and even had to do a course on skincare manufacturing. The course helped her to understand a lot about the area of work she was about to take up.

Aishwarya began to manufacture shampoos, conditioners and moisturisers for all ages and began to distribute them among her family and friends. The feedback was so good that Aishwarya decided to launch her brand. She and her friend Haarini Sukumaran started a Facebook page by the name ‘Nature’s Destiny’ and started selling their products. Nature’s Destiny offers 100% natural skincare and hair care products at an affordable price.

Haarini looked after the finances and marketing and Aishwarya was still doing the production and packaging of the products. By 2018, the two were able to hire four women to help them in the manufacturing of the products.

Today, they sell 65 different products including shampoo and conditioner bars, body washes, body butters, and lip balms, among others. The business, which has a strong customer base of 750 people, receives up to 500 orders every month and earns over Rs 5 lakh per month.

-Staff Reporter

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