Delhi Extends Free Bus Travel to Transgender Community: Promoting Inclusion and Equality

Delhi's Free Bus Travel Initiative
Image courtesy: shethepeople

New Delhi’s Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal, announces free bus services for the transgender community to address social neglect.

Initiative to Address Neglect: Arvind Kejriwal announces free bus services for the transgender community, aiming to provide them equal rights and address neglect.

Government Initiative: The AAP government in New Delhi takes a historic step, offering free bus travel to the transgender community for the first time.

Implementation Details: The proposal awaits cabinet approval, with plans to launch the service within weeks, reflecting the government’s commitment to inclusivity.

Pride in Progress: Kejriwal expresses pride in initiating the service, highlighting the government’s proactive approach towards uplifting marginalized communities.

Acknowledgment of Neglect: Kejriwal emphasizes the need to end the societal neglect faced by the transgender community, reaffirming their equal rights as human beings.

Success of Similar Initiatives: The decision follows the successful implementation of free bus travel for women in 2019, with over 14 lakh women benefiting from the service.

Expanding Inclusivity: Extending the free bus travel service to transgender individuals aims to replicate the positive impact witnessed among women commuters.

Delhi’s move to offer free bus travel to the transgender community signifies a significant step towards fostering inclusion and equality.

Re-reported from the article originally published in The shethepeople

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