Delhi Secretariat holds a seminar on women’s role in the struggle for independence

Image Source: Times of India

The Delhi Secretariat recently organized a seminar to shed light on the significant contribution of women in India’s struggle for independence. The seminar was attended by various eminent speakers, scholars, and historians who shared their insights on the roles played by women in the freedom movement.

The seminar aimed to showcase the often-ignored contributions of women and their immense sacrifice during the independence movement. The speakers highlighted the role of women in various aspects of the freedom struggle, from their participation in mass protests, demonstrations, and boycotts, to their contribution in the form of political writings and speeches.

The seminar also discussed the challenges faced by women during the freedom movement, including societal norms, patriarchal structures, and the lack of educational and employment opportunities for women. The speakers emphasized that despite these obstacles, women were at the forefront of the struggle, and their contributions played a significant role in achieving India’s independence.

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