Denver’s Metal Mavens: Women Shaping the Scene

 Denver's Metal Music
Image courtesy: Jackie Vietta

Unveiling the Power Players of the Mile High City’s Music Realm

Amanda Menard: Championing the Underground

In the heart of Denver’s underground music scene stands Amanda Menard, a stalwart figure whose roots in hardcore and punk have fortified her resolve. With a penchant for standing her ground in male-dominated spaces, Menard’s journey from mosh pits to managerial prowess is as gritty as it is inspiring. As the founder of 4130 Management, she has cultivated a roster of 23 bands, ranging from classic Denver acts to emerging metal groups, all under her watchful eye. But beyond business, Menard’s ethos revolves around community success, making her a formidable force both on and offstage.

Badass Bassists: Shredding Stereotypes with Sound

In a city pulsating with musical diversity, three bassists stand out for their sheer metal prowess. Addison Herron-Wheeler of Cronos Compulsion, Jenn McCrorey of Messiahvore, and Lulu Demitro of Pink Fuzz each bring their unique flair to the stage. Whether it’s Herron-Wheeler’s relentless fervor in Cronos Compulsion’s death metal onslaught, McCrorey’s ominous basslines in Messiahvore’s “powersludge” symphony, or Demitro’s seamless transition from keys to bass in Pink Fuzz’s tripped-out biker rock, these women redefine what it means to rock the low end.

Blood of Lilith: Embracing Feminist Fury

In a genre often dominated by male voices, Blood of Lilith emerges as a powerful counterforce, smashing stereotypes with their unapologetic brand of Viking metal. Founded by Amber Chance and Lisa Ogden, the band’s feminist anthems like “Pussy Power” and “Bytch Inside” reverberate with raw energy and defiance. With bassist Maggie Alex completing their lineup, Blood of Lilith’s rise to prominence is not just about music; it’s a testament to the enduring strength of women in metal.

Cloe Madonna: Shaping Hardcore’s Narrative

In the heart of Denver’s hardcore scene stands Cloe Madonna, a trans woman whose ferocious vocals command attention in Destiny Bond. With their debut album, Be My Vengeance, the band solidifies its place as a local favorite, propelled by Madonna’s relentless stage presence. Yet, beyond the hardcore realm, Madonna’s versatility shines through in Cherished, where their vocals evoke a softer, more introspective tone. Together, these projects paint a vivid portrait of an artist unafraid to explore the depths of emotion through music.

In a city where metal pulses through the veins of its streets, these women are the beating heart of Denver’s music scene, rewriting history one riff at a time.

Re-reported from the article originally published in The Westword

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