Devika Rotawan’s Journey: Survivor, Witness, Protector

Devika Rotawan's Journey
Image courtesy: shethepeople

Surviving the Terror:

Devika Rotawan, known as the ‘girl who identified Kasab,’ survived the 26/11 Mumbai attacks at nine, enduring a gunshot at the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus. The 60-hour siege scarred Mumbai, claiming 166 lives.

Witnessing Justice:

Devika, shot by Mohammad Ajmal Amir Qasab, emerged as the youngest courtroom witness. In 2010, Qasab faced the death penalty, later hanged in 2012. Devika’s resilience earned her the title of the “girl who identified Qasab.”

Transformation Amid Struggles:

Now 24, a final-year BA student, Devika faces life’s challenges. Six surgeries, tuberculosis, societal ostracization, and her father’s business struggles tested her resilience. Yet, she dreams of becoming an IPS officer to end terrorism.

Battling Hardships:

Devika’s life in the spotlight was far from ordinary, losing her mother in 2006 and enduring physical and emotional hardships. Despite facing societal labels and legal battles, she fights for normalcy and stability for her family.

Enduring Identity:

Embracing her identity as the “girl who identified Qasab,” Devika remains unfazed amid media attention during India-Pakistan tensions. Her advice reflects determination: “Ensure at the end of the day you are happy.”

Aspiring for a Secure Future:

Devika’s enduring smile hides a woman determined to protect India from terrorists, aspiring to a future beyond the shadows of tragedy. Her goal is clear: to become an IPS officer and contribute to the nation’s security.

Re-reported from the article originally published in The shethepeople news

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