Diane Keaton’s door hue resembles calming fresh linen


Diane Keaton’s Los Angeles home showcases her signature monochromatic style, with black and white interiors extending to the exterior. Her choice of a bright white front door sets the tone, mirroring the clean aesthetic within. White front doors are timeless and psychologically impactful, evoking feelings of freshness and cleanliness. According to exterior design expert Kristian Goodenough, white is a popular choice for its versatility and welcoming appeal, ideal for creating a positive first impression, especially for potential buyers.

Image credit: Amy Sussman via Getty Images

But the benefits of white don’t stop at the front door. Stacy Becker, president and design director for White Label Interiors, suggests extending the white hue to the entire exterior. This approach emphasizes the natural beauty of the surroundings, akin to a gallery showcasing art. A white house complements lush gardens and trees, allowing nature to shine while accentuating architectural features.

Using white on the exterior can also have practical advantages. Goodenough notes that it can make a property appear brighter and larger, crucial for north-facing homes in shady areas. Conversely, in sunny locations, white exteriors reflect heat, keeping the home cooler and more comfortable.

Backdrop’s Supermoon Exterior Paint, similar to Keaton’s choice, exemplifies the pure, clean white favored for exterior applications. Its easy application and durability ensure long-lasting appeal, enhancing any home’s curb appeal.

Overall, Diane Keaton’s design choices demonstrate the timeless elegance and versatility of white. From the front door to the entire exterior, white hues evoke a sense of cleanliness, freshness, and welcoming charm. Whether selling or simply enjoying one’s home, incorporating white into the exterior design can elevate its aesthetic appeal while embracing the natural beauty of the surroundings.

Re-reported from the article originally published in Homes& Gardens.

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