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Last day, I was whatsapping a male friend about some official matters. Suddenly, he told me this, “I can find you a handsome Sugar daddy in the US (where I am currently living), who can solve your financial problems and add some spice to your life”. I was actually shocked to get this offer. The normal CeeVee will probably get so offended that I would end up firing him left and right and even blocking him. However, I stayed calm and replied, “Not all single women are seeking a partner. Most are happy being single. At least I am”. Well, this reply made him realize probably that not all “single” women are “ready to mingle”.

Now, coming back to the topic, why are women always expected to be tagged with a partner? Isn’t this a wrong conditioning that all women who are situationally single or single out of choice are expected to find a partner who can make them “complete”?

Are women and men incomplete if they don’t find each other? What makes someone complete? This topic is controversial considering the societal expectations and the structure of marriage or other modes of partnership for a woman. In fact, the need for humanity’s procreation and continuation of the species depends on these structures. However, for many centuries, though these structures gave most an authentic and dignified family structure, women in these structures ended up being “victims” of these
structures, preventing them from many other opportunities in life. So, in today’s world, many women are choosing to live single or not to have a partner, especially after one failed relationship. To a society that has always equated a woman’s happiness to the man she finds, this stance might be too difficult to handle. But if we ask the women who chose to be single, they do have their share of opinions about their choice to be so and the happiness they find in it.

For single women, I think at times there will be conflicting thoughts especially when they see other “happy couples”, whereas at other times they might be so happy that they need not follow up on a fully grown-up man child because he is her partner.

Women who choose the path of being single, either after a wrong marriage or without getting married needs to be left to their choices without questioning their decisions. And yes, being single doesn’t always mean they are ready to mingle. Again, that’s their choice to have a relationship and relationships don’t always mean that it should be with a man or in a sexual manner.

For people who are still confused about these choices that women make, all I want to say is this: Please leave it to the women. They know it better. For women who are bothered by these kinds of statements and recommendations, all I want to say is this: Please ignore these random pieces of advice and do what you think is good for you.

Dating and relationships are purely personal choices and not utilitarian objects. And it’s perfectly fine to be single ever after!

And mind you, A Complete Woman is not formed out of finding a partner, but by realizing herself and her potential. And it’s perfectly fine to be “incomplete” and “happy” than become “complete” and “unhappy”!

Stay Happy!
Universal Love and Abundance,
Dr Cee Vee

Dr CeeVee is the pen
name of
Dr Chandra Vadhana R,
Founder of Prayaana

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