Dr. Madhuri Kanitkar

2020 has become a memorable year for women in the services. Major General Dr. Madhuri Kanitkar is one such leading woman who got promoted to Lieutenant General in this year and she is the 3rd woman in the Indian Armed Forces who reached this rank. She is the first Lieutenant General and the first woman pediatrician appointed under the Chief of Defense staff and currently serves as the Deputy Chief of Integrated Defense Staff (Medical). She considers this as a great opportunity in contributing towards the changes in bringing all the 3 services together as part of Integrated Defense Staff (IDS). A while back, she achieved another milestone when she became the only doctor in the Prime Minister’s STIAC (S&T) Innovation Advisory Committee. Dr. Madhuri Kanitkar also holds the distinction of being the first trained pediatric nephrologist of the armed forces and has been the key person behind the setting up of Army units to monitor kidney ailments in Pune and Delhi.

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