How this mother-daughter duo is turning passion into reality


Some things can surely be out of passion alone! Passion is fundamental to success, and its value is double in the business world. With an appetite for success and an eagerness to provide value, entrepreneurs create companies and turn them into strong, influential players in their respective markets.

It is out of pure passion that these businesses have been put up, and it is in that same passion that they remain up and running. “Everything was done out of sheer passion. My mother is passionate about making jewelry out of beads. Her enthusiasm for creating a charming set of jewelry for my girls inspired me to consider whether this could be pursued as a business.” Says Suja.

In 2014, Suja’s concept for Blooming Pink—inspired by her mother’s love of natural stones—was introduced. This mother-daughter duo venture fuels up the dreaming hobby for many women out there. Mrs. Suja’s mother, Latha is passionate and enthusiastic about beading natural stones and making them for her granddaughters, from where it all started to progress. Suja formerly held a position as a corporate employee but later had to resign from that position for a variety of reasons. She was considering her next move because she didn’t want to spend her time plainly after graduating and obtaining higher education credentials. She earned both a Montessori PG diploma and a master’s degree in international business.

She is driven and enjoyed working with her mother on this venture because it came from their hearts and was socially beneficial. Other women in their community have been motivated by this mother-daughter team to launch their online dream businesses. “People used to observe us in action and be in awe of our blooming-pink expansion in internet commerce. After hearing this news, several more ladies who approached us created their internet dream businesses.” Says Suja.

Some natural stones are occasionally more expensive for us to buy and we might reject our thinking even though we have it. When I asked what their business goal was, they responded, “Some brands may sell natural stones at exorbitant prices which are of the same stones that are occasionally out of the price range of ladies making purchases”.

Therefore, they have been supplying this pricey stone bead jewelry at an affordable price.
As is widely known, the elegance that these stones provide to a woman’s beauty is remarkable, and the price of the jewelry should not take women away from that elegance and class. Suja’s mother’s talent is now establishing a name for them in society. Yet another factor to take into account is Suja’s strategy development. The most inspiring aspect of this venture is that Suja handles all aspects of the business alone, including marketing, product photography, styling, and other related tasks. If you want to check more about their jewelry venture, you could grab this chance by visiting here.

Nivya Rajeev, Team Pracol

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