Effect Of Rising Cost Of Daily Use Commodities


In order to curb the problem of price rise, it should be the joint effort of the government as well as the public to control it

The rising cost of daily use products day by day is a subject of serious concern. The rapid increase in prices is really a serious concern amongst the people of India especially for the people below the poverty line and middle-class people.Price rise is a worldwide phenomenon and India is no exception. Prices of everything are sky touching, even of the essential commodities like edible oils, gas lpgs, food grains, pulses, sugar, petrols, tea even the stationery items for school going kids are too expensive in present day’s. Therefore, what are the causes of price rise and what are the effects it has on the people and as well  how this price rise affects especially the female section of the society?

When the total demand is greater than total supply of goods and services, it causes prices to rise. The main causes of price rise or inflation are “Demand Pull” and “Cost Push”. Both the terms are responsible for rise in price in an economy ,and  both these terms put pressure on price differently. Demand pull condition occurs when demand from consumers pull prices up, while cost push occurs when supply costs forces prices higher.

Price-rise effects amongst the different sections of the society differently :

Normally it may not have much effect on the flexible income group of the society.

Therefore maximum problems and hardships are faced by the weaker section of the society, like people below the poverty line, peoples with fixed salary jobs, where the prices of commodities and different goods and services rises day by day, but their wages or salaries remains the same and because of these reasons most of the people had to face lots of problems in their day to day life.

Effect of the increasing price of daily use products on Females section of the society:

The rise in cost of goods and services, daily use of commodities in present days affects very badly most of the section of the society in India .Whereas it also affects the female section of the society. Basically women are called the backbone of the home she maintains and controls all the house as well as outer work. She acts as the humble manager of the family income, she secures maximum returns from every penny spent. She always maintains a surplus budget. But when this rising cost occurs, especially when the prices of daily use products increase suddenly, it becomes very difficult for the women to maintain the budget with the same wages, salaries or income of the family. Therefore, she faces various problems and hardships in maintaining the budget of her family, because of this most of the time they fail to pay their children’s school fees, also fail to fully fill their daily use products for their family and they also face hardship in maintaining and balancing their family income. And this leads to causes different diseases like anxiety, depression, stress, heart diseases, obesity, and headaches, and also leads to heart attack and premature death due to lots of stress and tension, especially among women.


In order to curb the problem of price rise it should be a joint effort of the government as well as the public to control it. There should be more fair price shops where the common man can shop for good quality products at a nominal price. And also the government and banks must keep a check on black marketing and also stop repayment of public debt until price rise is controlled within the economy.

Therefore, the price rise is a multiple-headed monster, which must be defeated on time with proper measures to benefit not just the richer population but also the poor section of society.

  • Shyma Mansur 

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Fly High Women: Feminism, Innovation, and Inspiration in Action And how you too can fly high! Buy One, Gift One