Elizabeth Rhodes Leads OpenAI’s UBI Research

OpenAI's UBI Research
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Introducing Elizabeth Rhodes: Leading OpenAI’s UBI Study

Elizabeth Rhodes, a PhD holder in social work and political science, directs OpenAI‘s UBI project, aiming to understand societal impacts.

Her Background and Role in OpenAI’s UBI Study

Rhodes holds a PhD in social work and political science from the University of Michigan, along with a Master of Social Work.

She also possesses a Bachelor of Arts in Government and Economics and pursued studies in Development Studies and International Relations.

Rhodes’ Expertise and Approach to UBI Research

With a background in socioeconomics, Rhodes collaborates with Sam Altman to explore the implications of systematic payments in an AI-driven economy.

Rhodes and Altman’s Vision for UBI

Sam Altman envisioned UBI as a solution to potential job displacement due to AI, proposing systematic payments of $13,500 per year.

Their Study Approach and Timing

Despite criticism for its duration, Rhodes defends their deliberate pace, focusing on meticulous detail and overcoming challenges along the way.

Expected Findings and Impact

OpenAI’s study aims to shed light on how regular payments influence recipients’ time management, health, decision-making, crime rates, politics, and social attitudes.

Elizabeth Rhodes leads OpenAI’s comprehensive study on Universal Basic Income, bridging socioeconomics with technology to envision a sustainable future.

Re-reported from the article originally published in The shethepeople

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