Embrace Solitude, Discover Inner Strength


“Embrace solitude to discover your inner strength. Being alone doesn’t mean being lonely—it’s actually where you find your true power.”

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Life throws a lot of challenges our way, and one of them is the fear of being alone. Even though we love hanging out with others, sometimes life puts us in situations where we’re by ourselves. These moments of solitude can really change us. When we start to feel okay being alone, we drop the pressure of meeting other people’s expectations and start seeing things differently. This change in how we think strengthens us from the inside, making us tough enough to handle whatever life throws at us.

We reached out to writers from the SheSight community to share their experiences and insights on solitude. Here’s what they had to say:

Bidisha Ghosh: “Challenges and obstruction in life are greatest teachers. As well as a mirror of our strengths and capabilities. Although we sometimes get lonely in some circumstances but it’s ok as long as we win the battles and the war to churn the greatest gift that is happiness and self-satisfaction.”

Surangama Guha: ” Being alone is better than feeling alone. We can be perfectly happy being by ourselves but we can even be lonely with a group of people.”

Ritika: “Solitude gives us space to grow, think and in a way be gentle. When you’re alone you tend to do things that makes you happy and makes you feel good about yourself.  But it’s also unfair in a way. Not everyone is same and capable of making friends with their solitude. It’s unfair when people are forced to be alone even when their nature doesn’t allow it. Though, I personally think that being alone is a process of healing and be a happy being. Nurturing yourself is very important. When you love yourself enough, you become capable of loving others too, in a healthy way.”

Sugandha Dutt: ” I would like to point here in a humble way that solitude is a choice where, as you mentioned, you crave to be alone. But loneliness is when you feel alone and most of the time not by choice and you crave connections. Everyone is at different levels in their life journey.”

Praveena Lakshmi: “Be independent. Believe in yourself and Keep learning, Learn the art of detachment…. You will never feel alone or lonely!”

Aishwariya Magesh: “This stage is very hard to achieve in a place like India where women are judged. With all modern changes in trend this attitude is slowly rising in the society front.

But as personal challenges arise, mentally one has to overcome so many dilemma to get solitaire. Even being in a family, a woman can get solitaire only if she decides to take care of herself. It took me years but now I feel when I started taking care of myself and prioritising my lifestyle, I see a lot of clarity and in a position to support anyone. Solitaire is a journey every woman should work for.”

Solitude can be much more than just being alone; it can be a valuable time for personal growth and understanding ourselves better. Our writers from the SheSight community have shown us that whether you choose solitude or find yourself in it, it offers a chance to connect deeply with yourself. This connection brings a kind of joy and stability that enhances how we interact with others. It teaches us to appreciate our own company and builds our strength to handle life’s ups and downs.

So, as we learn to appreciate those quiet moments alone, let’s see them not as times of isolation, but as opportunities to flourish and become better friends with ourselves. It’s a journey that not only brings inner peace but also prepares us to bring more to our relationships with others.

(compiled by Content Team, SheSight Magazine)

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