Fashion is about reinvention. Regardless of the several fashion fads that come and cross, a fashion trend that by no means exhausts is embroidery, which is why it is a timeless art form.

The history of embroidery dates back to the Cro-Magnon period, and it continues to this day. This lovely yet ancient craft provides character to garments, giving them a place in the contemporary layout. Whether it is high fashion or athletic apparel, it is an essential component. Designers today are maintaining the old charm of embroidery by constantly incorporating this humble trend in fashion and are attempting to nurture and hone the very essence of their roots by becoming more conscious of their origins.

From headwear, jewelry, various types of clothes, and footwear, embroidery has become a cornerstone of fashion. 

Trends in embroidery are anticipated to be myriad. Yet we can stick to some of these. 

Customized Embroidery: Who doesn’t love having their favorite quote or picture embroidered? Custom embroidery is more appealing now that it is back in the spotlight. The rise of technology has made it even simpler to get embroidery on clothes, bags, etc as intended. 

Naturalistic theme: Irrespective of how an awful lot someone enjoys having their favorites stitched artistically, embroidery with indigenous motifs is always in vogue. It by no means fails to add a season to your look.

Revived Pieces: To simplify, it’s DIY. It is practicing one of those videos you saw on Pinterest while passing your time during the pandemic and it turned out as a fashion trend. From hiding stains and holes in your favorite garment to giving a simple item of clothing/bag/shoes some edge with cute small embroidery stitches allowing you to be a part of this creative process.

Say with embroidery: Fashion speaks louder and explains better. Embroidery can be used as a medium of self-expression, just like the feminist cross-stitch movement. In the past, stories were told using embroidered images as an art form, where stitches screamed power and colors conveyed fortitude.

Isn’t it amazing how this intricate yet simple game of thread and needle knits stories together? This craft is much more than its aesthetic appeal.

However as older a craft gets more effort is required to keep it alive, by consistently implementing this modest trend in fashion, designers today are preserving the vintage beauty of needlework by showcasing it on the runway to retail stores. They use it to show cultural references and heritage. Instead of being limited to high-end luxury, embroidery is now accessible to everyone because of technological

advancements. But it’s impossible to overlook the other side, which is painstakingly laborious handmade designs. Even in today’s contemporary world, artisans and designers collaborate to provide genuine embroidered works, lifting the bar and increasing the standard of being appreciated even more.

After all of this, we can confirm the influence embroidery has had on trends for a very long time and that it will continue to do so whether you’re walking down the aisle or completing a marathon.

Devanshi Doshi is a fashion designer/illustrator and a fashion writer. She also helps brands create a brand identity.

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