Grooming is not a gender-biased thing. In recent days, you can notice that there is a shift towards the mindset of people on men’s beauty products. From men being judged for wearing makeup to embracing it, we are breaking those old social stigmas against men taking care of their skin and appearance. 

To prove this, you can witness a rising demand for men’s beauty products all over the world. According to a survey, it is estimated that the worth of the global male grooming market will be 81.2 billion dollars by 2024. The men’s beauty industry is now actively engaged in developing different beauty products to address their needs. 

The history of men’s grooming dates back to 10,000 BC when the Egyptians used naturally derived products like Aloe vera and fragrant oils. They even started using Kohl on their faces to protect against harmful UV rays. Romans also groomed themself with occasional communal baths. However, during the Middle Ages, the Church and some priests were against men’s grooming. In those periods, grooming was considered an offense and called “Satan’s work.” And these grooming trends once again emerged in the Elizabethan Era. 

Nowadays, the forbidden rule of men’s grooming started rising once again. Men don’t have to use the same products that are specifically made for women, as there are several products curated for men’s needs. With the increasing demand for men’s beauty products, several beauty companies are taking this opportunity to advance their growth. According to NPD’s iGen Beauty Consumer report, almost 40% of adults aged 18 to 22 have shown interest in gender-neutral beauty products. Some popular men’s skincare brands are Blu Atlas, Lumin, The Ordinary, Geologie, Aesop, etc. The trends in the men’s beauty industry, such as Manicures and pedicures, Messy hair, Brotox, Chlorophyll, and Maskculinity are prevailing these days. 

The traditional definition of masculinity is being shattered these days. It allows men to embrace their grooming rituals and encourages them to explore a wide range of men’s beauty products. This shift in perception towards men’s grooming opened a new dimension in the men’s beauty industry. The Gen Z generation has a significant role in this current shift. As these generations are more into self-expression, modern men are open to experimenting with different beauty products without being judgmental. 

Nowadays, men are redefining the term masculinity by breaking social stigmas against men’s beauty. It gave rise to gender inclusivity in the beauty sector and demand for men’s beauty products. In the future, the demand for these products will revolutionize the beauty industry and Society. 

Nivithasri is a passionate freelance content writer with a flair for crafting engaging and informative articles. When she’s not busy crafting captivating content, you can find her immersed in the pages of a good book, exploring different worlds and expanding her knowledge.

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