End the Isolation of Women During Periods

Image Credit : She the people

In the midst of our rapid progress towards a new era, occasional videos, comments, or incidents serve as poignant reminders that the battle against patriarchy is an ongoing struggle, far from reaching its zenith.

A recent video circulating on the internet has reignited concerns about regressive attitudes, as an influencer mother glorifies her daughter for a seemingly peculiar reason – sitting and eating on the floor. The rationale behind this unusual praise? The daughter is menstruating.

Rather than celebrating a woman’s strength, resilience, and individuality, the video perpetuates harmful stereotypes that link a woman’s worth to her bodily functions.

The glorification of a woman for sitting on the floor during her period harks back to outdated beliefs that associate menstruation with impurity. Such instances underscore the urgent need for continued efforts in dismantling patriarchal norms and fostering a society where women are not judged or restricted based on their biological functions.

It is disheartening to witness instances that reflect a stark contrast between progress and entrenched stereotypes. The fight against patriarchy requires collective awareness, education, and a commitment to challenging ingrained biases.

Let this video serve as a rallying cry for change – a call to action to dismantle the regressive norms that perpetuate gender inequality. It is only through collective efforts and open dialogue that we can ensure a future where women are not defined or confined by outdated beliefs, but celebrated for their inherent strength and individuality.

Repurposed article originally published in Shethepeople

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