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Eni Lena is a well-known makeup artist whose work demonstrates that makeup can be a source of talent, a profession, and recognition, crossing national lines and achieving national and worldwide success.


Eni Lena was born in the Albanian capital of Tirana in 1984. With an early enthusiasm for beauty, she committed herself to the art of makeup as early as possible, combining the tonalities and colors of the most famous makeup products and the shadows formed by a human. The styles of the beauty frame: the hair is added to her skillfully made feminine portrait.

Social Impact:

Eni Lena has created a great career as a makeup artist through her fantastic line Eni Lena Make-Up, displaying her talent in artistic makeup, beauty and fashion events, as well as celebrity makeup.

Eni Lena is well-known for her inventive techniques, influencing Albania’s beauty and fashion industries and elsewhere. She has produced distinctive and original makeup concepts and looks for many celebrities, and she frequently collaborates with luxury companies and well-known TV shows such as Geraldina Sposa Fashion, Top Channel TV, TV Klan, and others. Eni Lena has worked as a backstage makeup artist for live broadcast Supermodel of the World and Miss Universe Pageants. She has also assisted numerous contenders in winning national and international titles.

Eni Lena developed a platform for fantastic success for other makeup artists in April 2021 by delivering master makeup courses and makeup certifications. She is passionate about educating future beauty specialists in the beauty and entertainment industries. Her unrivaled talent has provided her with the opportunity to merge art and beauty in the field of makeup artistry. Thanks to her brilliance and years of hard work, she will be able to teach all the young girls who wish to follow in her footsteps a strategy that will prepare them everything they need to know.


Eni Lena is the top artist after being recognized As the best Makeup Artist in the World by NY Elite Magazine and the Most Influential Celebrity Makeup Artist by NY Glamour Magazine. Eni Lena thus became the renowned and influential artist she is today thanks to formal training and over 17 years of professional experience. Eni Lena received the “Master Worker” trophy from the National Association of “Albanian Beauty,” where she delivered a “Master Class” for the latest techniques. Other professional awards include Make-Up Best Artist of the Year 2021, Make-up Most Influential Artist, Top Master Make-Up Artist, and Excellence in Albania’s Beauty and Fashion Industry. All of her experience has been documented in the book “Pro Make-Up Artist Classes,” which demonstrates her professional learning strategies for editorial, television, light or evening makeup, as well as makeup for photoshoots and aesthetic purposes.

By Ritika Behera, sophomore of Chemical Engineering at NIT Rourkela, Odisha.I am from Balasore, Odisha. I have interests in reading books, painting, creative writing, playing badminton, volunteering, and teaching small kids.