Estrela de Fura:

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The largest and most valuable ruby ever to be auctioned, the “Estrela de Fura 55.22,” was sold for an astounding $34.8 million at Sotheby’s New York on June 8. The gemstone, whose name means “Star of Fura” in Portuguese, had a starting price of $21 million and was ultimately sold for $30 million plus fees to an anonymous telephone buyer.

Cut from a 101-carat rough stone found at the Montepeuz ruby mine in Mozambique, operated by Fura Gems, the stunning gemstone captured global attention. Fura Gems, founded in Mozambique in 2017, is known for its commitment to sustainability and corporate social responsibility. They currently hold nine ruby mining licenses in Mozambique and also operate emerald and sapphire mines in Colombia and Australia.

The “Estrela de Fura” was unveiled in Dubai in September 2022, marking it as the largest gem-quality ruby ever discovered. Uni Kim, a jewelry specialist at Sotheby’s Hong Kong, described it as one of the largest and most beautiful rubies ever seen, with exceptional color, saturation, and clarity. The gemstone’s origin from Mozambique, which is gaining popularity in the ruby market, further added to its appeal.

In addition to the record-breaking ruby sale, Sotheby’s also sold “The Eternal Pink,” a rare 10.57-carat diamond from Botswana, for the same price of $34.8 million. This diamond set a record per-carat price for its color category. The most expensive pink diamond sold to date remains the “Pink Star,” which fetched $71.2 million for its 59.60-carat weight in Hong Kong in 2017.

Re-reported from the story originally published in WION

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