Exclusive: Pioneering India’s Twitter User Reflects on Her 16-Year Twitter Journey and Elon Musk’s ‘Explorations’

Twitter Evolution
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Amid the turmoil surrounding Twitter and Elon Musk’s frequent appearances in the headlines, we decided to delve into this situation with someone intimately connected to Twitter. We had the privilege of discussing the matter with Naina Redhu, arguably the first Twitter user in India, who shared insights into her 16-year Twitter journey and her perspective on the significant changes Elon Musk is aiming to bring to the platform.

Naina signed up on the platform in 2006, during its early days when it was known as TWTTR. She was intrigued by the evolving internet landscape and the emergence of blogging. Despite initially feeling isolated on the platform due to a lack of Indian users, she soon discovered that she might be the first Twitter user from India. Over the years, Naina has witnessed several changes on Twitter, including the expansion of character limits from 140 to 280, the disappearance of the iconic ‘Fail Whale,’ and a shift towards more political and controversial discussions.

While Elon Musk’s experiments with the platform have sparked curiosity, Naina remains skeptical about paying for Twitter Blue’s features like reduced ads or the much-anticipated ‘edit’ button.

Discussing the potential success of the subscription plan in India, Naina stated her reluctance to subscribe, questioning the value it would add to her Twitter experience. She emphasized that the blue tick, while crucial for verifying political figures, might not hold the same significance for regular users.

In conclusion, Naina expressed her skepticism about Twitter’s subscription plan gaining traction in India, citing the platform’s enduring loyalty and the lack of viable alternatives. Despite the uncertainties, Naina highlighted the enduring appeal of Twitter, where users want to be where everyone else is.

Repurposed article originally published in DNA

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