I am a 24 years old woman, and though I have done my academics very well and am now pursuing a special course abroad, I am always gloomy and moody.  When I go through complexities in life I am not able to get clarity and then panic a lot. How do I overcome this state of mine?

For him who has control of the mind, it is his best friend but the one who has failed to do so the mind will be his greatest enemy.” The mind should be one’s greatest power.

It sometimes behaves like a monkey that jumps from one tree to another and never remains fixed. Hence, to focus your mind you need to exercise it like a muscle. What I sense is that when there is a new situation you go astray with your thoughts, which weakens your determination, causes stress, and panic, and catalyzes negative emotions.

You should be scrupulous in watching your thoughts.

Your thoughts become your words, your words become your actions, your actions become your habit, your habit becomes your character and your character becomes your destiny.

One can be an intelligent person but you also need to have a strong mind as both mind and intelligence are separate entities. You can control your mind with the help of intelligence. When riding a horse the reins are the intelligence that determines where you navigate your horse to. Another example can be that if you don’t feel like getting up from the couch you can use your intelligence to do it and get going.

There will be situations in life that will be beyond your control. Take every problem and challenge in life as a new opportunity to learn. Sometimes we are unaware and have no knowledge about the situation. This insinuates fear, anxiety, and stress leading to moodiness and being gloomy.

Firstly, one should state the problem and write it down. A problem that is well stated is half solved!

Act on what you can change and accept what you can’t change. Look for solutions with a calm mind and stable sense. Exercise, reading, walking, dancing, and yoga, breathing can help you enhance your moods. A balanced diet accompanied by plenty of sleep and a disciplined life will embark you to a happy life.

Worry is like a rocking chair, it will keep you busy leading you nowhere!


  • Clear your mind because there is a difference between perceptions and reality.
  • You have to start working from a reality perspective for what you want to achieve so that you can understand every aspect and step to reach there.
  • When you start working, it automatically makes you think about all situations and draw a conclusion at every step.

At last, you cannot just worry about it but you have to find ways and get out of every phase and bring the best out of you.

The first step is always hard but one has to make a choice. To reach a certain point you have to leave some things behind.

Complexities are part of everyone’s life; we all at some point face problems and not easily can find the solutions to them. But one thing is clear that we should be aware of the situation. Will getting angry or getting panicked, stressed, or even irritated solve the problem? The answer is a ‘no’. It will never bring any clarity or a solution, the best possible way is to close your eyes take a deep breath, relax your mind and then figure out how important the particular problem is for you. When you prioritize your problems, half of the problems will solve by themselves.

Even a tree gets tall while in search of sunlight.

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