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Stress and conflict is a part of our life and it is a sign of our ‘living and life energy ‘too. But when it comes to a point, that it affects our daily routine then its better we square the matter at the earliest. Sreekala is a mentor and a successful  life coach with expertise and experience . She is ready to answer all the queries regarding such conflicts and she can be contacted via her email.

The conflict: I was always to a little plumper side. Though I have lost weight that plumpy nature of mine, attracts a lot of negative comments. However I try to convince myself and be confident, I fall into a low very often. The Choice: Whatever comments they pass you should remain in the  equilibrium state of your mind.  For that, first you should understand that unless you love and accept yourself, you cannot get out of this negative mind.  Are you, yourself unhappy about your body?  Observe what are you telling about yourself?

Please note that you, your self   have  not  accepted your body and  want  it  to  be   according     to  certain parameters that the society has created. Actually  when  you are trying to get rid of your  weight ,out of dislike or hatred  towards  your body you are in a way not respecting your body and yourself. Go to a mirror and  say to  yourself, that you love your body, and   you    love this plumpy   nature    of   yours  and   you   are  not a   doll that have  been carved out for the society. You  had not gained your weight purposely, there may be some underlying reasons  like genetics or certain medical conditions  which can be revoked easily, by following a diet and moderate exercises .

And when you are losing weight that is also a cause for joy for you. The first and foremost step is to love your body and love the way you are, and at the same time try to improve wherever you feel you need to.  If this is the case whatever the external comments are, you won’t tilt to that side. This way you can stay more positive and not get affected by any negative comments. At the same time make it a practice on not to comment on other’s looks or to have an eye on others imperfections, not even in your mind. This way you will be seeing a more joyous you in sync with your nature

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