Farah Khan On Samantha Ruth’s Ad. Recalls Being Judged For Marrying At 40

Image Credit: Times Now News


Farah Khan, the renowned Bollywood choreographer, recently praised Samantha Ruth Prabhu‘s latest advertisement and took a moment to reflect on her personal experiences. In her Instagram post, Farah expressed her admiration for Samantha’s talent and beauty, calling her a “superstar”.

However, the post took a personal turn when Farah opened up about being judged for marrying at the age of 40. She recounted how people had questioned her decision and expressed their disbelief that she could find love at that age. Farah went on to highlight the double standards that exist in society, where men are not judged for marrying later in life but women are often ostracized for the same.

Despite the challenges she faced, Farah emphasized that she was happy with her choice and that her husband had been a loving and supportive partner. She urged her followers to not let society’s expectations dictate their choices and to prioritize their happiness above all else.

Farah’s post struck a chord with many women who have faced similar judgments for their life choices. It also sparked a conversation about the societal pressure women face to conform to traditional expectations, such as getting married at a certain age and having children.

Farah’s message encourages women to embrace their individuality and not let society’s expectations hold them back from living their best lives.

RE-reported from the story originally published in Times Now News

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