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Image Credits: The Better India

Pune-based Sucheta Bhandare launched Earth Poorna in 2019, which supplies ragi laddus and other nutritious, healthy snacks pan India.

Image Credits: The Better India

As a farmer’s daughter Sucheta Bhandare always grew up with healthy organic snacks. “Peanuts and jaggery, roaster gram, puffed rice and healthy laddus were the snacks I grew up on. While the benefits of these foods were lost on me as a child, I realized how beneficial they were as I grew up,” says Sucheta. But she did not realize the benefits of these until she moved to Pune for college. She realized she had much more immunity and strength than her fellow classmates. She was always drawn to agriculture. And wanted to do something different. 

So even when she ran a call centre in Pune she felt something was lacking. Which lead Sucheta to launch Earth Poorna, A healthy snacking company in 2019. Asked why she chose to name the company Earth Poorna, she says, “A ‘complete Earth’ is what I intended to bring out when I named the company, in that the products would be from the Earth and returned to the Earth.”

Having started with an initial investment of Rs 5,000 in 2019 Earth Poorna today is making close to Rs 1 lakh per month. They do this by selling four types of laddus and two savory mixtures made out of rice flakes and jowar. Sucheta says that all the products have gone through the necessary lab testing to ascertain their nutritional value as well. The company employs seven people who form a part of the production unit and the work is carried out with very stringent hygiene protocols in place. Selling close to 2,500 laddus a month, Sucheta is confident of doing more sales in the future. 

Credits: The Better India

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