Five Woman Lead Athleisure Brands That Makes Size-Inclusive Clothes


The pandemic brought the boom of Athleisure clothes – the comfortable and casual clothes that are suitable for everyday use. Here are five women-led brands that provide size-inclusive athleisure clothes.

Over two years everybody is bound to their homes and hence the trend has shifted from formal wear to athleisure clothes – comfortable and casual clothes that can be worn at home every day. And as many people shifted to healthier habits in the past couple of years, the demand for activewear also has increased.

But finding activewear of your size is very difficult for plus size women. So here are five athleisure brands that offer size-inclusive activewear.

Bliss Club

Bliss Club has become the instant favourite of Indians ever since it started in 2020. The tights provided by Bliss Club are not only size-inclusive but also have four pockets. The innovative idea of adding pockets to tights was an instant hit, as most female garments lacked this essential feature.  This Bengaluru based brand was founded by Minu Margeret who says she made the brand after failing to find good quality activewear brands in India.


Also launched in 2020, Aastey was born when its founders Jeevika and Kanupriya found a common ground of body image issues. And they decided to make activewear for all sizes. Aastey is a D2C brand that has four Fs in focus – form, fit, function and fabric. They recently launched unisex activewear as well.


SilverTraq brings tie-and-dye prints into activewear countering the usual boring colours of activewear. SilverTraq’s four-way stretch workout wear — made of polyester derived from recycled pet bottles — has sweat-wicking, quick-dry, and anti-odour features to keep you feeling fresh and dry after your workout. This brand was founded by Dhriti Badani.

Dee Clothing

Sisters Deeksha Khurana and Kritika Khurana made their brand Dee Clothing with comfort as the main aim. Their brand offers oversized athleisure clothing up to XXL size. The startup’s founders are content creators with huge social media followings, which garnered sizable attention towards Dee Clothing’s clothing line.

Spirit Animal

New Delhi-based Kriteesha Jain made the brand Spirit Animal after she was failing to find activewear of her size. Spirit Animal is an activewear brand that is especially for the plus sizes. It offers clothes for plus sizes between UK size 12 and UK size 34.

These five brands made sure that no one is excluded when it comes to athleisure clothes. Now when you are chilling at home and feel that you need some more clothes, you can turn to these five brands to choose from. 

-Staff Reporter

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