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Scott Detrow: Hey, I love to run, and I’ve got young kids. But squeezing in a run when you’re a parent can be tough, right? That’s where running strollers come in. Now, some parents swear by them, some don’t. But no parent has ever done what Kaitlin Donner just did. This 34-year-old mom of two, with her 20-month-old son Mikey, just smashed the world record for running a mile while pushing a stroller – in just five minutes and 11 seconds. That’s 13 seconds faster than the previous record. And guess what? The Guinness Book of World Records was there to make it official. Kaitlin’s here with us now to chat about it. Hey, Kaitlin, welcome to ALL THINGS CONSIDERED!

Kaitlin Donner: Thanks so much for having me. I’m pumped to be here.

Scott Detrow: So, Kaitlin, you’re a world record holder now. How cool does that feel?

Kaitlin Donner: (Laughs) It’s pretty awesome. You know, when I had Mikey and even my older son five years ago, I never imagined something like this would be in the cards. But it’s been a super fun ride.

Scott Detrow: So, how did this all start? Were you doing any other races with strollers before this?

Kaitlin Donner: Not at all. This wasn’t even on my radar. But then a friend suggested it shortly after Mikey was born. We went back and forth about it, and honestly, I thought it sounded kind of silly at first. But then, about two weeks before the event, she said, “Hey, I’m hosting this mixed relay. What do you think about doing the stroller mile at the beginning?” I knew she wouldn’t let it go, so I just said yes.

Scott Detrow: (Laughs) That’s awesome. So, did you do any special training for this?

Kaitlin Donner: Well, I did one workout with the stroller on the track a few days before the event. I’ve run plenty of miles pushing strollers before, so I just wanted to get a feel for the turns on the track.

Scott Detrow: Yeah, it’s clear you’re a serious runner. Can you tell us a bit about your background before this?

Kaitlin Donner: Sure thing. I ran track and field at the University of Florida and then transitioned to triathlons. I even tried to qualify for the Olympics at one point. But after my first son was born, I scaled back on the triathlons and focused more on running. It’s just easier to fit in with a busy schedule.

Scott Detrow: (Laughs) Absolutely. So, what was Mikey’s reaction during the record run?

Kaitlin Donner: Well, he seemed to be enjoying the ride! After about 200 meters, he started looking around. I was a bit worried because he’s usually my little wild child. But he did great and had fun with his grandparents and brothers afterward.

Scott Detrow: That’s awesome. And, finally, what advice would you give to parents who find it tough to exercise with young kids?

Kaitlin Donner: Just go for it. Prioritize yourself sometimes, and don’t feel guilty about it. Sure, there’s always that mom guilt, but my kids love spending time with me, and I love sharing my passion with them.

Scott Detrow: Thanks for chatting with us, Kaitlin. And congrats again on the world record!

Kaitlin Donner: Thanks so much!

Re-reported the article originally published in NPR

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