Former Investment Banker Anushka Rathod Is Educating The Internet About Complex Financial Subjects Using Reels


Anushka Rathod is a popular name on social media who imparts her knowledge on finance and investment through crisp yet candid reels

Taking control of your finances may feel intimidating at first but there’s nothing more empowering once you start taking charge of them rather than relying on a third person. But how do we begin to learn the basics? The quick and easy way is the internet. In this vast ocean of knowledge, you’ll find various resources, including several MOOC platforms, blogs, YouTube, and Instagram where you can learn how to take control of your finances. 

Anushka Rathod, a former investment banker has taken up the job to teach the internet about complex financial subjects and the basics of investing in a crisp yet candid manner. 

This young influencer is imparting her knowledge of finance and investment by creating short reels on Instagram. With such interesting and fun reels, she urges women to take control of their finances so that they don’t have to rely on someone else. In her opinion, “There is a huge gap in terms of people from other industries who want to educate themselves on these topics but find it boring and complex. This gap is exactly what I was trying to fill with my content when I started creating reels.”

With a following of 577K, she creates reels covering the areas of taxes, investing, insurance, budgeting and so on. According to her, at the beginning of the career, everyone should always have an emergency fund and health insurance. “You don’t need to do direct stock investments. Start with index funds, then as you get comfortable and read more on stock markets, invest in Mutual Funds and then Direct Stock Investments.” 

Despite being talented and knowledgeable she had to face discrimination earlier in her career. “People just can’t accept that I am serious about this career. Before I started making content, I was going for my Master to the US and the general perception was I was doing it because it would look good on my biodata which would help me find a better husband.”

There is no surprise that there is a lack of female representation in the financial sector which is why women are often not taken seriously. A recent study shows that in India the share of women bank employees barely crossed 1/4th of the workforce in FY21, however, though there’s a slight improvement, the number of women employees at top banks remains low. Therefore, Anushka advises women who want to make a place for themselves in the finance industry to “take space, don’t just exist in the background. It will make a lot of people angry but don’t pay attention to it. Also, if you command respect you will get it. One very successful lady heading a private equity firm once told me to network as much as possible. A lot of finance roles are heavily dependent on networking. The earlier you start the better, it might not help a lot earlier in your career but eventually, as you climb up the ladder you will become irreplaceable.”

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