Freedom After 12 Years
Image Credit: India Today

In a disturbing incident, a woman endured 12 years of confinement in her house by her husband in Mysuru, Karnataka. The local police intervened and rescued her, but shockingly, she declined to file a complaint against her tormentor.

Reports detail how the husband not only locked the woman inside their Mysuru residence but also subjected her to continuous torture. The woman, in her early thirties and the man’s third wife, resorted to using a small box for essential needs due to her restricted movements.

Despite having two children attending school, the ordeal persisted. Upon returning home, the children had to wait outside until their father returned from work to grant them entry.

The woman, sharing her harrowing experience, stated, “It’s been 12 years since I got married. He always locked me up in the house and tortured me. Nobody in the area would question him… My children go to school. But they remain outside until my husband comes back from work. I would give them food through the window.”

Although the police intervened, the woman adamantly refused to file a complaint. A senior police officer revealed that the confinement occurred for the past two to three weeks and attributed the husband’s actions to his insecurity. “Her movement was restricted. She has visited her parents’ home in the past. The husband was locking her up inside the house before leaving for work. He was insecure.”

Both the husband and wife underwent counseling, during which the woman expressed her reluctance to file a complaint against her husband. Instead, she opted to reside at her parents’ house and attempt to resolve the marital issues.

This distressing incident sheds light on the complexities surrounding domestic abuse, where victims may face challenges in seeking legal intervention due to various factors, including emotional ties and societal pressures.

Repurposed article originally published in She the People

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