From Kitchen Experiments to Entrepreneurial Success: The Jackfruit Journey

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Entrepreneurs can uncover exciting business prospects by exploring innovative culinary ideas. This Jackfruit story demonstrates that valuable business insights can indeed originate from the kitchen.

The Spark of Inspiration

In the pleasantly old-fashioned setting of my kitchen nearly thirty years ago, a simple act of grinding dried jackfruit sparked an idea that would eventually blossom into something extraordinary. It all began with my mother’s thoughtful parcels of dried jackfruit, a gift from my native place. As I turned the dried fruit into a fine powder, I couldn’t help but notice its resemblance to maida, a commonly used refined flour in Indian cooking. That moment of realization was the birth of “Fruit n Root” in my mind, a concept aimed at harnessing the nutritional power of jackfruit while replacing traditional refined flours.

Navigating Challenges: Marketing and Outreach

As with any entrepreneurial endeavor, our journey was not without its obstacles. My husband, Saish Kumar Pillai, a mechanical engineer turned entrepreneur, and I encountered challenges in spreading awareness about our nutritious jackfruit products. Marketing and reaching potential consumers proved to be particularly daunting tasks initially.

From Idea to Reality: Establishing a Processing Unit

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Today, our vision has materialized into a thriving jackfruit processing unit nestled in the serene landscapes of Nooranad, Alappuzha. Here, we process not only jackfruit but a diverse range of organic produce, including rice, bananas, tapioca, and more. What started as a humble idea in my kitchen has evolved into a full-fledged enterprise contributing to the local economy and promoting sustainable farming practices.

Spreading the Word: Fairs, Markets, and Social Media

To introduce our nutritious offerings to the world, we explored various avenues, from traditional fairs and farmers’ markets to the expansive realm of social media. Though the journey was fraught with challenges, our dedication paid off as our products began to garner attention and appreciation from consumers seeking healthier alternatives.

Finding Pride and Support: Joining Pracol

Joining Pracol, an organization committed to empowering women entrepreneurs, has been a source of immense pride and support for me. Their mission aligns perfectly with our values, and I am confident that it will pave the way for numerous success stories in the future. Through Pracol, we have access to valuable resources and a supportive community that encourages us to reach greater heights.

Gratitude and Recognition: Awards and Appreciation

Despite my role as a homemaker, I have been fortunate to receive numerous accolades and expressions of appreciation for our entrepreneurial journey. Each recognition serves as a reminder of the hard work and dedication that has gone into building Fruit n Root from the ground up. I am deeply grateful for the recognition and the opportunity to inspire others through our story.

Empowering Women: A Team Effort

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At Fruit n Root, we are proud to have a team predominantly composed of women—eight remarkable individuals who bring passion and dedication to their work every day, alongside three supportive male colleagues. Together, we strive to expand our market presence and increase sales while promoting nutritious and sustainable eating habits among our consumers.

Thus, our journey from kitchen experiments to entrepreneurial success has been characterized by passion, determination, and the invaluable support of our team and community. As we continue to grow and evolve, we hope our story will inspire others to pursue their dreams and make a positive impact in their unique way.

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