In India, women are significantly under represented in business, though there is every possible effort from the activists and the government, the unequal pay and the gender pay gap remain stubbornly persistent. Many factors contribute to such a situation and the research shows that unconscious bias and the lack of role models are the two most influencing factors. In the previous issue of ours, we have discussed unconscious bias. Simply put it is the false assumptions based on race, gender, or other factors. The female entrepreneur from the urban elite to the poor women labourers in India encounter unconscious bias. The other major contributor is the lack of reachable role models. Tapping into advice and experience of a skilled person, and getting the maximum benefit from the relationship can help transform one and realise the dreams. Mentorship is an excellent way to tap into the advice and experience of a skilled person. The mentor must have life lessons to share and have reached the top of the game. We are featuring master mentors of Prayaana as part of our C2C mission, from this month onwards. So, unless we consciously discard the unconscious bias, and purposefully seek role models closing the gender gap will remain a pipe dream forever. Happy Deepavali to our readers, and it is the time of the year for the exchange of gifts and love, let us never forget to be ‘vocal for local while shopping for gifts, and maintain a safe distance and never forget our masks.

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