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Hello fantastic readers!

Welcome to another edition of your SheSight Magazine. How swiftly this 2022 is pitching or in another way, are we all equipped well in our life? Well, the days are passing by but the ways which we utilize are really worth it? If yes, I will be the happiest to know this, else I can provide something that helps you evolve once again.

This edition is kind of a special edition as we present to you some special features where you really gonna glee while reading. Many among us must be wondering on how to find yourself and how to find one’s purpose. Yes, we have something in store for you. 

Yet another speciality is that we are happily sharing the accolade which we received for the first time, yes, we have been awarded for featuring Transtars by Connecting Dreams Foundation, Delhi. Thank You CDF for recognizing our efforts on inclusion of articles on transgenders who also own this beautiful world just like you and me.Some are born into their own bodies but some aren’t; they have to fight for it and let us help them in winning that battle.

Now, we are an INCLUSION CHAMPION!! We are dedicating this award to all our readers, the whole crew and wonderful well wishers who stand with us all the time. And, what not? We do have our cover personality who won the Ms.Trans Global Title for 2021. Right now, it is the most pleasurable promise we can make to society that we continue to be inclusion champions.

Thanking one and all readers who get inspired by our different segments and desperately wanting to bring out the sprout of your dream life. Let there be many many saplings evolving soon and pave way for many more to vegetate. Keep reading! Get inspired! Kick start your goals one by one! 

Always remember that 

 You are UNstoppable! 

 You are UNbeatable! 

 You are UNbiasable!



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