How many of us are ready to think about doing the impossible things in life? Wait, what? Of course, we all keep thinking about various things in our daily life. According to the research of Dr Fred Luskin of Stanford University, a human being has approximately 60,000 thoughts per day—and 90% of these are repetitive! Well, that’s too much, you might think. And most of it might be about the impossibilities and the challenges that we face in our life!  

Most of us spend our days worrying or thinking about unwanted things throughout the day. But imagine, if we put all our energies that are needed for these 60000 thoughts into one massive thought? Seems a bit crazy because that’s not easy. Well, if only we could put our thoughts structured toward one massive idea that we want to solve instead of the thousands of unwanted and negative thoughts, what can be the outcome?

If only we can focus our energies on solving bigger problems for humanity or even the universe, what can be the outcome? Well, the thought itself is scintillating for me! Of course, not everyone has the luxury to think that way! Most people, at least 90% of the world population, might be fighting their daily lives in various ways. But there are the remaining 10% who are working their minds towards solving massive problems! Consolidating the thoughts and focusing them on solving one or more ideas seem to be a challenge. It is possible if you learn to harness the power of mindfulness and meditation. Along with it, we also need to have a massive problem to solve! Haven’t you had situations in life when you face a tough situation, your mind forgets many other things and puts all your energies into solving that one issue at hand? Well, what if we use the same strategy to solve the world’s problems? 

Some of the craziest innovations happened when people put their minds into that super creative engine mode and put all their energies into solving it. And you can also do it. 

As a first step, start looking around for bigger problems to solve. Water problems, Air problems or any problem that you know is affecting millions or billions of people. Then ask the right questions. By right questions, I mean, ask questions like a child. New and crazy questions. Have a child-like curiosity to solve it. The next step is to be open to discussing the craziest ideas with your group of people who are willing to listen to your craziness. Find out the craziest solutions to the craziest problems. Try doing it next. Try launching the idea. Iterate until it evolves into a better one! 

What I said in one paragraph above might take years or decades in some cases. Yet, it’s the only way to create massive impact and massive changes in the world! And mind you, all the greatest things in humanity happened because someone thought crazily and worked as I said above!  And then, that someone became a great human being, leaving the world a better place than before!  Are you ready to do that?  Then elevate your thinking. Start moonshot thinking! 

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