Gabrielle Union’s Key Menopause Improvement

Gabrielle Union's Menopause Experience
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Gabrielle Union: Menopause Advocate and Lifestyle Tweaks

Gabrielle Union, a prominent figure in the entertainment industry since the late ’90s, has expanded her influence beyond acting. Recognized for her roles in teen movies like “She’s All That” and “Bring It On,” Union, now 51, has become an author, mother, and advocate for menopause awareness.

In a recent interview with Parade, Union sheds light on why menopause is gaining more attention. She attributes it to increased life expectancy for women and a growing sense of community and empowerment among them. According to Union, women are recognizing the strength in solidarity, encouraging open discussions about topics that were historically shamed or overlooked, especially related to reproductive health.

Union, who experienced challenging perimenopause and menopause symptoms in the mid-2010s, shares a lifestyle tweak that significantly improved her well-being. During her husband Dwyane Wade’s time in Cleveland in 2016, Union adopted an anti-inflammatory diet. This regimen involved eliminating gluten, dairy, caffeine, and alcohol.

Introduced to the diet by her friend Hanna Bronfman, Union initially hesitated but decided to give it a try. She humorously notes her exception: “I was like, ‘I can get you three out of four of those, but I’m going to need a margarita once in a while.'” Nevertheless, following this diet brought substantial relief from her symptoms.

Union emphasizes the importance of avoiding alcohol and caffeine during menopause, as they can exacerbate symptoms by causing inflammation. She advises against relying on caffeine for sleep issues, as it may work against the individual.

In navigating menopause, Union encourages women to use tools like the customizable Menopause Health Profile. This tool not only provides valuable information but also facilitates self-advocacy with healthcare professionals. Union emphasizes the limited time doctors often spend with patients and believes such tools empower individuals to seek appropriate medical advice.

Gabrielle Union’s openness about her menopause journey and the lifestyle adjustments that positively impacted her symptoms contributes to breaking the stigma surrounding menopause discussions. Her advocacy encourages women to share experiences and seek the support and information needed during this life stage.

Repurposed article originally published in Parade

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