Breaking Barriers: Women Empowered as Handlers in Tamil Nadu’s Canine Squad

Image Source: News18

In a remarkable milestone for Tamil Nadu, the state’s Police Department has taken a significant step towards gender equality by appointing two women cops from the Armed Reserve Police as trainee handlers in the prestigious dog squad. This groundbreaking decision marks a shift in traditional roles within law enforcement and showcases the growing recognition of women’s capabilities in the field.

Established in Coimbatore on July 8, 1965, the sniffer dog squad has long been an integral part of the state’s security apparatus. However, what sets the recent development apart is the presence of women confidently commanding the budding K9 warriors, as these remarkable canines are referred to in police jargon.

Bhavani, hailing from Theni district, and Kavi Priya, from Pollachi, both previously associated with the reserve police, have now embraced their new roles as trainee handlers with unwavering enthusiasm. These determined women are contributing to the team at the Coimbatore dog training center, which features a diverse array of dog breeds, including Labrador, German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, and Belgian Shepherd.

Their journey began by building strong bonds with the dogs, training and caring for them, and ultimately earning their trust. At first, the dogs were unfamiliar with responding to female commands, but the persistence and dedication of Bhavani and Kavi Priya paved the way for a harmonious connection. The trainers emphasize the importance of love and affection in their canine training methods, understanding that these remarkable creatures respond positively to such care.

As handlers, their responsibilities include providing a balanced diet for the dogs, comprising half a liter of milk, an egg, and 200 grams of pet food in the morning, another 200 grams of pet food at noon, and a nourishing meal consisting of 250 grams of rice, beef, and vegetables in the evening.

The appointment of these trailblazing women to the canine squad aligns with the vision of the Coimbatore City Commissioner, who aims to eliminate gender bias within the police department. Bhavani and Kavi Priya proudly embrace this opportunity to prove their worth, vowing to be the best trainers for their K9 warriors.

With the duo leading the way, the squad, currently comprising nine members, has witnessed remarkable progress. The canines are steadily responding to their commands, a testament to the exceptional training provided by the determined handlers.

The inclusion of women in such pivotal roles not only breaks down barriers but also represents a monumental step towards inclusivity and gender equality. Tamil Nadu’s dog squad has embarked on a transformative journey, ensuring that the talents and capabilities of women are recognized and celebrated in every aspect of law enforcement.

Re-Reported from the story originally published in News18.

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