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Online grocery shopping has become an integral part of life for countless Indians, particularly women residing in metro cities. With the e-commerce industry making bold moves in the grocery market, one major player has emerged triumphant, expanding its reach to over 60 cities nationwide. Srikant Sree Ram, Director at Amazon Fresh, sheds light on intriguing facts and insights about the evolving trends in online grocery shopping from a women’s perspective.

Traditionally, Indians have relied on neighborhood kirana stores for their grocery needs. However, the pandemic brought about a monumental shift in shopping habits as people increasingly turned to e-commerce for their daily essentials. While life may have returned to a semblance of normalcy post-pandemic, the trend of online grocery shopping has endured, becoming a permanent fixture in consumers’ lives.

Watch the video above to discover why the online grocery market is projected to reach an astounding $37 billion by 2028. Srikant Sree Ram delves into the evolution of cold storage and distribution infrastructure in organized retail, starting from farmers to collection centers, storage facilities, and distribution networks.

According to Srikant Sree Ram, the key to success in the online grocery delivery market lies in two crucial factors: quality and convenience. He highlights the findings of a recent survey that Indian women prefer to plan their online grocery purchases and are averse to delivery charges beyond a certain fixed value of their order.

Moreover, Srikant Sree Ram shares valuable insights into Amazon Fresh’s expansion plans, divulging the cities witnessing the highest growth in online grocery shopping. With its commitment to transforming the way women shop, Amazon Fresh aims to make life easier and more convenient for every Indian woman.

In this era of technological advancements, the article paints a vivid picture of how the online grocery shopping revolution is empowering Indian women, enhancing their lives, and reshaping the retail landscape.

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