Goo Goo Eyes

Easy  steps  to achieve flawless Smoky  eyes.

Where there is smoke there is fire, and where there are smoldering looks there are Smoky eyes!

 Doing eye makeup is an art. 

  • Start with the primer. It helps the makeup stay longer and the blending process easier.
  • Prepare your eyelids first using a primer. Start by blending it over the lids & under the eyes.
  • Apply the base and also put some concealer under your eyes and eyelids. This is important for preventing any discoloration. 
  • Using an eyeliner, draw a small line on top of your upper lashes to define your eyelids. 
  • Then apply black eye shadow and blend it with the eyeliner from the upper lashes to the crease. 
  • Using the same palette apply a lighter colour ( the pink one) on the outer corner of the eyes and dab it, with a brush until it becomes smudged. 
  • Using the eyeliner, draw a thin line below the lower lash lines. Add a little black eye shadow to give a dramatic effect. Apply a small amount of silver eyeshadow to the inner corner of the eyes using a small brush. 
  • To finish, enhance  the  overall  smoky  eye look  with  a black  mascara that  creates volume  and  length



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