Heartbreaking Christmas Letter
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Heartfelt Christmas Plea

During a Christmas party at the Queen’s Hotel in Cardenden, a young girl delivered a poignant letter to Santa, expressing her one Christmas wish: for people to stop bullying her. The hotel shared the story on their Facebook page, describing it as a “bittersweet wee post” and emphasizing the importance of the message.

Heartbreakingly Honest Request

At the festive gathering on Sunday, the girl’s card left attendees speechless as they absorbed the heart-wrenching plea. The hotel staff decided to share the story on social media, acknowledging the significant message embedded in the girl’s Christmas wish.

Hotel’s Reflective Post

The Queen’s Hotel’s Facebook post reflected on the success of their Christmas party, highlighting the joy experienced by all the children in attendance. However, amidst the festivities, the young girl’s sincere request served as a somber reminder that not everyone desires material gifts. The hotel urged readers to appreciate the true spirit of Christmas by embracing kindness and spreading a bit of magic wherever possible.

Outpouring of Support

Following the social media post, the hotel received an outpouring of support from its customers. Many expressed a desire to send presents to the young girl, while local businesses, such as a martial arts club, offered assistance for free to boost her strength and happiness. The overwhelming response demonstrated a community coming together to make a positive difference in the girl’s life.

Gratitude from the Family

In response to the supportive messages, the girl’s mother expressed gratitude, thanking everyone for their kind words and gestures. The heartfelt exchange showcased the power of compassion and collective efforts to bring joy and comfort to a child in need during the holiday season.

Repurposed article originally published in the Mirror

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