HerStory: Defying Boundaries as a Successful Woman


In a recent episode of the SheSight podcast, two remarkable women, Shreya Austin and Hargun Gujral, shared their insights into the multifaceted challenges experienced by women in today’s society. With passion, experience, and unwavering determination, they embarked on a journey of empowerment that resonated deeply with listeners.

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The conversation began with a poignant exploration of the societal pressure placed upon women to prioritize maintaining peace and harmony in their relationship, and how this often takes a toll on their emotional and mental well-being. Through personal anecdotes and professional observations, they illuminated the importance of asking questions and being assertive about their opinions, further urging women to prioritize their own needs without guilt or hesitation. The discussion over mom guilt shed light on the internalized pressures and expectations faced by mothers, and how one can deal with that.

Ms. Shreya and Ms. Hargun spoke about being ‘difficult’ and challenging the societal narrative surrounding womanhood, advocating for a more inclusive and assertive approach that recognizes the choices and challenges of women everywhere.

Their confrontation of the pervasive gender biases that hinder the advancement of women in corporate and educational sectors, addressed the double standards and labels that women encounter in leadership positions. They called for a redefinition of success, one that celebrates the unique strengths and contributions of women without conforming to traditional standards.

Their message was clear: it’s time to break free from outdated norms and rules for women and remember to ask questions, make your space and have your own opinion.

Overall, the episode served as a powerful reminder of the resilience, strength, and unwavering spirit of women everywhere. The guest’s insights offered a roadmap for navigating the complexities of professional and personal life encompassing leadership, and self-discovery.

The episode 2 of the Shesight podcast highlighted the need to embrace your authenticity and
reclaim your voices in a world that too often seeks to silence you.

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