girl power

Hey girl !

You are sunshine You are light

Spread it 

And make others enlight

Hey girl !

You are happiness You are joy

Be contagious 

And make all smile

Hey girl !

You are strong You are determined

Decide your path

And inspire for more such paths

Hey girl !

You are motivated You are powerful

Walk your talk

And let others follow it

Hey girl !

You are righteous You are honest

Be you

And let others know it is important 

Hey girl !

You are calm You are peace

Let it flow from u

And show the power of non violence 

Hey girl !

You are empathetic You are kind

Sustain it

And let others enjoy its fruits

Hey girl! Just spread your wings and come off with flying colors 

~Anusha Pappala
Love to work for the people and an Ardent admirer of Sudha Murthy 
From Vijayawada, A. P.

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