High achiever’s You’re burnt out not broken

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High achievers often face burnout, despite their success, with 77% experiencing it according to a Deloitte survey. Chris, a career coach, identifies four common thoughts indicative of burnout among high achievers.

Firstly, some may envy those who have been laid off, seeing it as a forced vacation. Conversely, others who have been laid off may feel relief from the pressure to perform constantly.

Secondly, many wish they could care less about their careers, feeling overwhelmed by their dedication. Chris advises setting boundaries to alleviate this burden.

Thirdly, the belief that one must work harder than others to prove oneself stems from imposter syndrome. Acceptance and tolerance of discomfort are crucial in overcoming this.

Lastly, some rationalize staying in jobs they dislike, fearing they won’t find anything better. However, Chris encourages exploration and prioritizing personal fulfillment over settling for unhappiness.

In her experience, Chris has yet to encounter someone who couldn’t find fulfillment with exploration. She urges individuals to prioritize their well-being and happiness over staying in unfulfilling situations.

Re-reported from the article originally published in Your Tango.

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