Historic Milestone: Cricket Namibia Introduces First Central Contracts for Women’s Team

Cricket Namibia Women's Team
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Empowering Women Through Professional Contracts

In a groundbreaking development for women’s cricket in Namibia, Cricket Namibia has ushered in a new era by awarding central contracts to the women’s national team, the Capricorn Eagles. This historic announcement, made on Tuesday, 26 March, signifies a significant stride towards gender equality in sports and marks a pivotal moment in the country’s sporting landscape.

A Landmark Achievement

With the negotiation and signing of 10 professional contracts in February 2024, Cricket Namibia has set a precedent as the first sporting body in the nation to extend central contracts to both the men’s and women’s national cricket teams. The ceremony, held at the Namibia Cricket Ground, was attended by key stakeholders, players, and enthusiasts, celebrating this landmark achievement in women’s sports.

Professionalizing the Women’s Game

Expressing his delight at this milestone, Johan Muller, CEO of Cricket Namibia, emphasized the significance of professionalizing the women’s game. He noted that for the first time, female cricketers in Namibia have the opportunity to pursue their passion as a full-time occupation. The introduction of central contracts not only elevates the status of women’s cricket but also provides tangible support for players to contribute to their households while following their dreams.

Gratitude to Partners and Stakeholders

Muller extended gratitude to Capricorn Group and all involved parties for their support in making this initiative a reality. Their partnership has been instrumental in providing the necessary resources and infrastructure to enable this transformative step in women’s cricket in Namibia.

Capricorn Eagles Soar Higher

The recipients of these inaugural central contracts, namely Kayleen Green, Sune Wittmann, Arrasta Diergaardt, Edelle van Zyl, Bianca Manuel, Irene van Zyl, Wilka Mwatile, Mekelaye Mwatile, Naomi Benjamin, and Saima Tuhadeleni, form the backbone of the Capricorn Eagles. Their dedication and talent have propelled the team to its current ranking of 17th in the ICC Women’s T20I Team Rankings, marking their best-ever position on the global stage.

A Journey of Success

Since attaining T20I status from the ICC in 2018, Namibia has showcased remarkable progress in women’s cricket. With participation in 72 T20I matches and 44 victories to their credit, the team has consistently demonstrated its prowess on the field. Despite falling short of advancing to the ICC Women’s T20 World Cup main event in 2020, their participation in the qualifiers in 2019 underscored their growing stature within the African region.

A Bright Future Beckons

As Cricket Namibia paves the way for gender inclusivity and professionalism in cricket, the introduction of central contracts for the women’s team marks just the beginning of a promising journey. With dedicated support, investment, and opportunities, the women’s game in Namibia is poised to reach greater heights, inspiring generations to come and reshaping the landscape of sports in the nation.

Re-reported from the article originally published in The icc.cricket.com

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