We all get sugar cravings. Eating sweet things moderately is not a problem. But what to do when you constantly crave sugar?

Are you desperate for a chocolate or a lovely piece of jalebi, right now? Although a sweet occasionally is not bad it certainly has a negative effect on your body when you overeat it. So here is how you can manage your sweet cravings.

Give in a little: Eat a little bit of what you are craving. Just a tiny piece of chocolate or half a jalebi… and savour it. Take your time eating it slowly. You will feel more satisfied than you think.

Eat fruit or berries: Fruits and berries are healthy sources of sweetness. They provide you with essential vitamins and they have fiber in them too. Dates are also a good source of sweetness.

Mix your foods: Sometimes eating a little bit will still keep you wanting for more or make you feel you are more hungry. That time try to mix the unhealthy with something healthy. Like mix in some slices of banana with your chocolate.

Stop eating any form of sugar altogether: This can initially be difficult. But as you go on, your craving for sugary things will reduce. You will slowly start not wanting that extra spoon of sugar in your coffee.

Chew on chewing gum: Sometimes we feel like eating because our mouth feels empty or bored. At these times chewing on gums will help. You will get the slight sweetness but also stop yourself from eating that one whole doughnut.

Drink plenty of water: Oftentimes we mistake thirst for hunger. Drink plenty of water, and it should manage your sugar cravings too.

Get up and walk: Sometimes just getting up and walking away from the food source will help you. The action will keep you busy and distract you from your craving.

Set your phone away: Before you end up ordering something sweet from a delivery app, set your phone away. Promise yourself to not touch it until later.

Eat Regularly: Skipping meals can often lead you to craving for surgery fatty food. Eating a square meal three or four times a day will provide you with the nutrition that you need and your body will not crave more sugar. 

-Staff Reporter

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