How To Reduce Period Pain: 6 Home Remedies For Menstrual Cramps


Let us look at some of the natural ways through which you can ease the pain caused by menstrual cramps. 

Let us look at some of the natural ways through which you can ease the pain caused by menstrual cramps. 

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Menstrual cramps can be a nightmare. And we often tend to resort to painkiller medicines to ease this pain that is interfering with our daily life. But eating a lot of medicines can also be not good for the body. So are there any other natural ways to reduce the pain of menstrual cramps? Let us look at some of the natural ways through which you can ease the pain caused by menstrual cramps. 

1. Keep yourself hydrated

Getting rid of extra water retention can help you to reduce the pain and staying hydrated will help you feel more relaxed. The bloating can make the pain worse, drinking almost 6-8 glasses of water will help you get rid of bloating. You can add lemon drops or mint to make it more soothing. Avoid salty food as it can lead to bloating or water retention.

You can also eat water-rich food or fruits like watermelon, lettuce, berries, cucumber, etc. some women also face problems like vomiting, so it is really important to replace the fluid which is lost. The consumption of alcohol can also leads to dehydration, so avoid alcohol. The warm water will help a lot; it increases the blood flow through the skin and reduces the cramps. Focus on the diet to reduce the pain.

2. Get a significant amount of Vitamin D

The excess production of prostaglandins leads to contraction and shedding of the uterus wall. The prostaglandins are inflammatory compounds and Vitamin D regulated its production and even release anti-inflammatory compounds, which are really effective to reduce pain.

It is also noticed that women who have Vitamin D deficiency face more severe pain in comparison to others. Having supplements of Vitamin D or having food rich in Vitamin D like, eggs, mushrooms, fish, and yoghurt are really useful and inexpensive ways to get rid of period cramps.

 3. Apply a hot water bottle

The next item on the list of home remedies for menstrual cramps is that you can apply a hot water bottle. Apply a hot patch or hot pad to your lower back and abdomen. This will help you relax and eases the pain. This relaxes the muscles or uterus and increases blood circulation. A good hot water bath will also work.

4. Proper diet

Eating right can ease menstrual pain. During the menstrual cycle, women crave salty, sweets, and spicy food. But consuming such food items can make your problems worse. You should eat foods that are rich in calcium, omega 3 fatty acids, and Vitamin B and E consuming these nutrients will help reduce the pain. the consumption of fatty and processed food is also not good for the overall health. 

You should avoid the consumption of coffee and chocolate. The coffee shrinks the blood vessels and will lead to severe pain. As well as chocolate works like fuel to the fire and can worsen the situation, it can increase the blood sugar level and elevates the production of prostaglandins. Sugar is inflammatory in nature and can increase bloating same as salt.

You should have chamomile tea, ginger, and black pepper tea which relaxes the muscles and reduce the production of prostaglandins. It also regulates the menstrual cycle and eliminates fatigue. And even cinnamon tea can reduce bleeding and pain, it also cures nausea. 

5. Essential oil massage

Massage improves blood circulation and relaxes the muscles. Massaging your abdomen, sides, and back for 5-10 minutes with essential oils like lavender oil, clary sage, sesame oil, and marjoram oil will help. The aroma of these essential oils can relieve your stress and ease the pain. 

6. A little bit of exercise

Performing light exercise can also ease the cramps. The studies have shown that exercise releases endorphins which work against prostaglandins and reduce the pain. Yoga is the best type of exercise you can perform during the menstrual cycle; it relaxes our muscles and reduces stress. Some yoga poses like, the cobra pose, cat pose, bridge pose, and fish pose which involve the movement of the core and pelvic region can help. It is good for our overall body.

Other than this you can also try acupuncture, over the counter medication and if the situation is worse you should definitely consult the doctor. You should mainly focus on your diet during periods and eat healthily. You can add some herbs to your diet and try to keep yourself calm and do stress-free activities. 

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