Ideal Salary to Survive in a Metro City

Cost of living in metro cities
Image Source: ABP News

Living in a metropolitan city comes with a high price tag. Room rent, groceries, and medical facilities are just some of the expenses that one has to bear. But what is the ideal salary that one thinks is enough to survive in cities like Delhi, Mumbai, and Chennai? According to Twitter user Medha Ganti, a monthly
salary of Rs 50,000 for a single person is not enough to survive in a metro city

Ganti’s tweet quickly went viral, garnering over 1 million views and several comments. She questioned why fresher salaries are so low and how someone is supposed to survive on it in a metro city. Ganti argued that not everyone can take money from their families and the answer can’t be to make better career choices. People have different skill sets, and by the third year of college, they start getting an idea of what they might want to do.

While some agreed with Ganti, others pointed out that the amount needed to survive in a metro city depends on the lifestyle one chooses. One user stated that they earn only 30k in Bengaluru as a fresher, but they still manage to save around 5k after sending 10k to their family. Another user questioned which
freshers are getting 50k salaries, as it’s even lesser for IT/software engineers.

Re-reported from the story originally published in. ABP Live English

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