India-Romania Defence Pact a Win for Bilateral Ties


Image Source: The Hindu

India and Romania recently signed a pact on defense cooperation to promote mutual assistance in areas such as training, the defense industry, and research and development. The agreement was hailed as a significant step towards strengthening bilateral ties between the two countries and enhancing regional security. According to senior Romanian official Simona Cojocaru, the pact will help promote cooperation and collaboration between the two nations.

The agreement was signed during the visit of Romanian Foreign Minister Bogdan Aurescu to India in February 2021. The pact outlines areas of cooperation such as the exchange of expertise in defense, training, and capacity building in the defense industry and research and development. The agreement also allows for joint training exercises and increased cooperation in the field of defense technology.

The signing of the pact is particularly significant given the increasing strategic importance of the Indo-Pacific region. Both India and Romania have a shared interest in ensuring regional security and stability. The pact will help in this regard by facilitating greater cooperation between the two nations on issues such as counter-terrorism, maritime security, and cybersecurity.

The pact also has the potential to provide significant economic benefits for both nations. Collaboration in the field of the defense industry and research and development can lead to increased investment and job creation in both countries. The exchange of expertise in defense training can also help improve the capabilities of both nations’ armed forces.

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