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Insights from a Joint Study on Indian Gaming

A recent study, ‘State of India Gaming Report’, conducted by venture capital firm Lumikai in collaboration with Google, shed light on the gaming behavior of Indian mobile gamers. Among its intriguing revelations was the discovery that 41% of Indian gamers are women, marking a notable departure from the perception of gaming as a male-dominated activity. Additionally, the study highlighted the increasing adoption of gaming in non-metro cities, with 66% of mobile gamers hailing from these areas, a significant rise from the previous year’s 57%.

Zerah Gonsalves Gulati, an e-sports veteran and former TV presenter, hailed the gender statistics as a positive sign of growing diversity in gaming. She emphasized the importance of recognizing and embracing the diverse talents that women contribute to the gaming community. However, challenges such as stereotypes, harassment, and unequal opportunities persist, with limited access to smartphones being a significant barrier for women.

The study revealed that most gamers cited distraction, relaxation, or socialization as their primary reasons for playing mobile games, with popular titles including Ludo King, Candy Crush, and Temple Run.

The gaming culture in non-metro cities was also discussed, with players often relying on personal gaming setups due to limited access to gaming cafes. However, despite the promising gender ratio in casual gaming, the representation of women in e-sports remains low, attributed in part to casual sexism.

The study also highlighted behavioral trends, revealing an increase in the average time spent on gaming per week. Concerns were raised about the potential negative effects of prolonged gaming, including anxiety and mood swings. Additionally, the economic implications of India’s gaming industry were examined, with projections indicating significant growth despite challenges posed by new taxation policies.

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