Influencer Shadé Zahrai’s Journey To Success


Shadé Zahrai is a leadership ‘alchemist’ known for her superhuman ability to translate the latest in neuroscience and psychology research into practical and actionable strategies that drive mindset shifts and behavioural change in a systematic way.  

Shadé spent the first ten years of her professional life in business, however, she never felt at home there. She was a successful banker in a Fortune 500 company after beginning her career as a commercial lawyer, but she has always been more interested in understanding what makes people tick, particularly the behavioural patterns that underlie the happiest and most successful people. Therefore, she and her husband co-founded Influence Global Inc., a leadership development, consulting, and research company, where they work with Fortune 500 companies worldwide to enable people to overcome their obstacles and achieve greater heights of success and pleasure.

In addition to producing excellent online material, Shadé is a best-selling author, a two-time TEDx speaker, and a worldwide renowned figure. Recently she was recognised as Adweek’s Careers Creator of the Year and has amassed a global community of over 1.3M followers on social media. 

Moreover, she has been featured in Jada Pinkett Smith’s Red Table Talk, Adweek, the New York Times & Yahoo Finance. She is a former member of the Forbes Coaches Council, contributing articles focussed on career development, leadership and high performance.

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