Image Credits: The Better India

Product designer Srishti Garg has created the ‘Dip-In Tiffin’, an eco-friendly and on-the-go packaging solution inspired by the stackable Indian tiffin carrier.

When she was asked to make breakfast food packaging as part of her course, Srishti Garg could not look past the traditions she grew up with. And what came to her mind was the multi tyre tiffin boxes that she has grown up with. Srishti attempted to recreate the ‘Dabba’ in an eco-friendly perishable version. She made a multi-tyre soup bowl structured food containers made out of areca leaf. It is called dip-in-tiffin and can hold all sorts of food items. 

“The material is easily available and perishable too.” A win-win for the planet, says Srishti. Once the material was decided upon, the next aspect was the design. “I had a stackable structure in mind as I did not want to bring in the complexity of extra packaging. In addition to this, adding tiers would only increase the cost, and I wanted the tiffin to be a solution that is friendly for the pocket,” says Srishti.

While the eco-friendly tiffin is wonderful for dry snack companies, Srishti notes that brands that work with wet foods would prefer a design that incorporates gravy items too. Hence, the development process is on. From a temperature standpoint, the tiffin will work well in her opinion. “Keeping the tiffin in the fridge will not be an issue, neither will heat.” She supports this claim by speaking of how the areca leaf and containers built from it have been used for rasam, sambhar, etc. without a problem.

While Srishti’s design is still a prototype, she plans to discuss the concept further with food chains and delivery partners who might have to add to how the design can be made more user-friendly.

Credits: The Better India

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