Iranian School Girl Tops Mensa IQ Test 

MensaIQ test

While the world’s most famous physicist never sat in the same test, it’s been predicted that Albert Einstein would have achieved a score just shy of Sharifi’s at 160

Tara Sharifi, an 11-year-old Iranian schoolgirl, has recently received the highest score on the Mensa IQ test. Tara, a British student from Aylesbury High School, took the exam in Oxford and received an incredible 162 marks, whereas Professor Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein are both said to have had IQs of 160 and have emerged as the new face of intelligence. 

Her parents together decided that she could take that test, and it was a great decision for them as Tara now qualifies for membership in Mensa, also known as the High IQ Society. She will be able to connect with other members and join the ranks of well-known women like actress Geena Davis and American author Joyce Carol Oates. 

There are currently no age restrictions on Mensa membership. Nobody was more shocked by Tara’s accomplishment than Tara herself. She said, “I was startled when I got the result – I never anticipated earning such a fantastic score. It will be a fantastic chance to get to know other Mensa members.” 

Despite being aware of her academic prowess, her father, Hossein Sharifi was “extremely delighted” with his daughter. “When we watched TV and she would receive math questions before the competitors, I thought she would do well. Although I was aware of her intelligence, I did not anticipate her to have such a high IQ.”

  • Noorain Sheikh

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