ISRO’s Vyommitra: Humanoid’s Space Voyage in Gaganyaan

Gaganyaan Mission
Image Credit: Zee News

ISRO’s lineup after Chandrayaan-3‘s success is brimming with exciting missions, including Aditya L-1, Mangalyaan-2, Shukrayaan, and the much-anticipated Gaganyaan mission, India’s maiden human spaceflight endeavor, set to unfold in three phases.

Meet Vyommitra: Bridging Human and Robotic Space Exploration

Vyommitra, a groundbreaking creation, stands as ISRO’s half-humanoid robot, poised to venture into space as a precursor to Gaganyaan’s manned journey. Union Minister Jitendra Singh‘s revelation underscores that Vyommitra, donned in female attire, will embark on Gaganyaan-2’s flight. Designed to emulate tasks performed by astronauts in Gaganyaan-3, Vyommitra’s space sojourn will provide crucial insights into human behavior in the cosmic realm.

Decoding Gaganyaan’s Ambition

The tri-phased Gaganyaan mission is set to initiate trials in October, marking an exhilarating chapter for India’s space odyssey. Vyommitra’s voyage will transpire in the mission’s second phase, while the third phase will accommodate 1 to 3 astronauts. The ultimate mission objective is to ensure the safe return of astronauts, with a planned landing in the Indian sea waters, concluding a 3-day orbit at 400 km altitude. The crowning jewel, the fully manned expedition, is projected for launch in 2024 or 2025.

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